Book recommendations

Atwell, N., & Atwell Merkel, A. - The Reading Zone
Boaler, J. - Mathematics mindset
Brown, P. - Make it stick
Cameron, J. - The Artist way
Collective, - Fires in the Bathroom: Advice for Teachers from High School Students
Consensus Study Report, - How People learn
Dweck, C. - Mindset: New Psychology of Success
Erickson, L. - Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction for the Thinking Classroom
Freire, P. - Pedagogy of the oppressed
Gardner, H. - Five Minds for the Future
Holt, J. - How Children Fail
Holt, J. - How Children Learn
Huber, C. - Time out for parents
Humphreys, C. & Parker, R. - Making numbers talks Matter
Krishnamurti, J. - The first and last freedom
Lemov, D. - Teach like a champion: 49 Techniques that Put Students on the Path to College
Maté, G. & Neufeld, G. - Hold on to your kid
Marzano, R. - Becoming a Reflective Teacher
Marzano, R. - The Art and Science of Teaching
Mayesky, M.E. - How to Foster Creativity in All Children
Mercogliano, C. - Making It Up As We Go Along: The Story of the Albany Free School
Morgan, N., & Saxton, J. - Asking better questions
Muir, T. - The Epic Classroom: How to Boost Engagement, Make Learning Memorable, and Transform Lives
Murdoch, K. - The Power of Inquiry
Newton, R. - Little Book of Thinking Big
Rogers, C., Lyon, H. C., & Tausch, R. - On Becoming an Effective Teacher
Senge, P. et al. - Schools That Learn
Vygotsky, L.S. - Mind in Society: Development of Higher Psychological Processes
Willingham, D. - Why don’t students like school
Weil, Z. - The Power and Promise